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Dont wanna annoy by bumping too early, but I realize, I likely failed
to phrase my question short and exact enough.

When printing from webkit-gtk using GTK's print functionality, I
realize the resulting PDF doesn't have some features I want, like
links to locations inside the document, and to URL's in the WWW.

So I'd like to understand, is the GTK printing framework's PDF export
functionality generally capable to create PDF with the desired

If yes, do I enable this by adjusting the input document, or is that
controlled by setting specific options when calling the printing

Thanks in advance,

On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 10:39 PM, Henning Sprang
<henning sprang gmail com> wrote:

I'm trying to use GTK printing functionality to produce PDF from HTML,
and they should include external as well as external links( among
other features but these being the most important ones now).

I'm using webkit gtk for rendering and call gtk print functionality
from there - as in

This way of doing it does produce PDF, but with no links, and I
couldn't find any docs or pointers on how to further influence the PDF
from gtk's print export functionality.

I believe it can be possible, as Chromium, also using a GTK print
dialog, very well has more featureful PDF files when manually creating
a PDF Export from a web page. But I want to use webkit.
I also couldn't yet figure from the Chromium sources how they make it
work - I'm admittedly ot experienced in reading C/C++ code, being more
Python developer.

I want to know: Is it the specific input from the browser that makes
the PDF more featureful, is there a switch somewhere in the gtk
printing framework that I need to trigger, or do I have to assume that
Chromium is probably implementing printing a whole different way and
there's nothing in gtk printing framework that supports these things I
want to do?

Thanks in advance,


Henning Sprang

Henning Sprang

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