Re: GTK FileChooserButton crashes - No GSetting schemas


As LRN mentioned, you need to run glib-compile-schemas.exe, which should be part of the bundle. Suppose your GTK+ and dependent DLLs and .exe are in c:\foo\bin and you have the schema files in c:\foo\share\glib-2.0\schemas, you need to go to c:\foo\bin, and run glib-compile-schemas ..\share\glib-2.0\schemas.

For references, in the GTK+-3.x sources, when you look at build/win32/vs9/gtk-install.vsprops or build/win32/vs1x/gtk-install.props, you will see how glib-compile-schemas.exe is invoked, so for Visual Studio builds that is also done for you-but it may need to be done manually again if one is to move the installation (basically it looks for gschema.compiled in c:\foo\share\glib-2.0\schemas to find needed schemas), as the schemas items may have also been written into the system registry. This would mean, when you distribute your GTK+-3.x program, your installation program (or setup routine) need to copy the .gschema.xml files given in the bundle (plus any others you might need) to <dest>\share\glib-2.0\schemas, and run <dest>\bin\glib-compile-schemas <dest>\share\glib-2.0\schemas.

Hope this helps.

Woth blessings.

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