Re: GTK FileChooserButton crashes - No GSetting schemas

On 13.08.2014 16:08, darekg11 wrote:
Hi guys I have a following problem - never had it before with GTK 2.x but it occurs with latest bundle:

When I use following line:

widget = gtk_file_chooser_button_new("Choose directory\0",GTK_FILE_CHOOSER_ACTION_SELECT_FOLDER);

Application crashes with following error:
GLib-GIO-Error: No GSetting schemas are installed on this system.

I'm running Windows XP 32 bits with lastest gtk bundle, IDE: Visual 2008 EE

Any help is appreciated - I would like to know how ot install those schemes and export them with my 
application so other users could use my app without installing anything new if it is possible.

You need to compile filechooser schemas like this:

/mingw/bin/glib-compile-schemas.exe /mingw/share/glib-2.0/schemas

The schemas you need (org.gtk.Settings.ColorChooser.gschema.xml, specifically)
are installed by gtk. There are other schemas, some installed by glib-2.0,
other installed by gsettings-desktop-schemas.

I have no idea how things are in the realm of Visual Studio users, sorry.
You'll probably need to grab the schemes from gtk manually (since VS doesn't
have `make install`, put them in appropriate place (glib is smart enough to
figure out the installation directory at runtime, so just make sure that the
schemes are in <root>/share/glib-2.0/schemas, where <root> is
<somewhere>/bin/<libglib-2.0-0.dll directory>/../../), and run
glib-compile-schemas on them.

I don't know what's inside them. Maybe you'll be able to get away with
compiling them on your build machine and then distributing pre-compiled versions.

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