Re: Re: Would it be possible that gtk implementation in C++

search for gtkmm it is the c++ binding for gtk.

Le Samedi 9 août 2014 15h12, richard boaz <ivor boaz gmail com> a écrit :

i'm confused...

if you think it's such a good idea, why don't you do it yourself?  or, rather, why do you expect others to do it for you?  

or are you another one of many who thinks that software simply magically "appears" free of charge when someone asks for it?

so, please go do it yourself and report back when you're ready for delivery.

good luck,


On Sat, Aug 9, 2014 at 9:41 AM, 黄羽众 <ihyzi 163 com> wrote:
I heard Vala before and I read the tutorial and some sample code of Vala today.


Another C++--, I have to say.

Excuse for my unpolite, I can't find any point that interest me,
the highlights it describes is very common in many existing OOP language.

And the only point I remember is its ABI compatible with C, which also limit its language possibility.

I think it's would rather better to spend time solving the problem like gtkmm can't provide a function like "builder.signal_connect(this)" to auto connect the signals defined in glade XML files rather than start another project to reinvent the wheel. 

Sorry again, I am a bit excited.

在 2014-08-09 04:14:29,"Robert Schroll" <rschroll gmail com> 写道: >On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 12:04 PM, 黄羽众 <ihyzi 163 com> wrote: >> Compare to many people here, I am freshman in GTK/GTKmm. I make this >> proposal just because sometimes I miss the day when I am using >> QT/Android/HTML5. > >In that case, I'd suggest you take a look at Vala [1,2]. Vala is a new >language, reminiscent of C# and Java, that's built around the GObject >system that's at the heart of GTK. This means that there's no >impedance mismatch between the language's object system and GTK >objects. It handles memory management for you (though you can play >with pointers if you really want). It compiles to C, so it'll run >everywhere. > >I've been using Vala for only a little while, but I'm thoroughly >impressed. Give it a look. > >Robert > >[1] >[2] >

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