Re:Re: Would it be possible that gtk implementation in C++

I heard Vala before and I read the tutorial and some sample code of Vala today.


Another C++--, I have to say.

Excuse for my unpolite, I can't find any point that interest me,
the highlights it describes is very common in many existing OOP language.

And the only point I remember is its ABI compatible with C, which also limit its language possibility.

I think it's would rather better to spend time solving the problem like gtkmm can't provide a function like "builder.signal_connect(this)" to auto connect the signals defined in glade XML files rather than start another project to reinvent the wheel. 

Sorry again, I am a bit excited.

在 2014-08-09 04:14:29,"Robert Schroll" <rschroll gmail com> 写道: >On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 12:04 PM, 黄羽众 <ihyzi 163 com> wrote: >> Compare to many people here, I am freshman in GTK/GTKmm. I make this >> proposal just because sometimes I miss the day when I am using >> QT/Android/HTML5. > >In that case, I'd suggest you take a look at Vala [1,2]. Vala is a new >language, reminiscent of C# and Java, that's built around the GObject >system that's at the heart of GTK. This means that there's no >impedance mismatch between the language's object system and GTK >objects. It handles memory management for you (though you can play >with pointers if you really want). It compiles to C, so it'll run >everywhere. > >I've been using Vala for only a little while, but I'm thoroughly >impressed. Give it a look. > >Robert > >[1] >[2] >

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