Re: This issues on compiling GTK+ from source and using GTK+ 3.x, GTK+ 2.x, and GTK+ 1.2 on one computer.

On 11/01/2012 06:27 AM, Ritesh Khadgaray wrote:
If you are planning to build and install from source, do check out
jhbuild -
Dear Ritesh,

Thanks a lot for your hints. Now, I follow your above hints, and based on the documents given here:

I get the following result on my pc:

werner@debian-asus:~/software/gnome/jhbuild$ jhbuild build gtk+
Required packages:
  System installed packages which are too old:
  No matching system package installed:
    libuuid (uuid.pc)
    libpng (libpng.pc)
    python-devel (python.pc, required=2.5)
    libXft (xft.pc, required=2.0.0)
    wireless-tools (required=25)
    libffi (libffi.pc, required=3.0.0)
    zlib (zlib.pc, required=1.0)
jhbuild build: Required system dependencies not installed. Install using the command 'jhbuild sysdeps --install' or to ignore system dependencies use command-line option --nodeps

According the above output, I should use the jhbuild sysdeps --install for the next step.

The issue: by invoking the command:

 jhbuild build gtk+

What's the version of gtk+ will be installed on my system? As you can see, the above command doesn't give the version number for gtk+. Thanks in advance.


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