This issues on compiling GTK+ from source and using GTK+ 3.x, GTK+ 2.x, and GTK+ 1.2 on one computer.

Hi all,

From the following webpage:

We can know that in order to compiling GTK+ 3.4, we must install the following packages:

Furthermore, the order in which the above packages are installed is also a big matter for this thing.  Could someone please give me some hints on the order to compiling the above packages in order to finally compiling and install the  GTK+ 3.4?

On the other hand, the above webpage also said that:

Some applications still require GTK+ 2, an older stable version of GTK+. You can have the run-time and development environments for GTK+ 3.x, GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 1.2 installed simultaneously on your computer.
For my case, I currently use Debian squeeze 6.0.6, the default GTK+ precompiled for this distribution is called the libgtk2.0-dev package. which will install the GTK+2.20 on my system.  But just as the official website of GTK+ has pointed out, I want to install GTK+ 3.x and GTK+ 2.x simultaneously on your computer, so that I can compile and run more customized  programs  from source to meet  my special requirements.  Could you please give me some more hints on how to  installed GTK+ 3.x and GTK+ 2.x simultaneously on one computer?   Should they use the same versions of the dependent packages --   i.e.,  for the packages GLib, Pango, Gdk-Pixbuf, and ATK
-- or not?  Thanks in advance.

-- .: Hongyi Zhao [ hongyi.zhao AT ] Free as in Freedom :.

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