Re: Does anyone have a binary Windows build 2.24 GTK system (maybe including Webkit)

2011/5/5 Lothar Scholz <llothar web de>:
> Hello gtk-list,
> I would love to upgrade my program to void problems with porting the
> Linux version to 3.0 but windows is my primary development platform.
> After the long term maintainer has quit, is anybody maintaining the
> windows port? Also the current for download 2.22 system has bugs with
> the unicode handling (2.20 was okay).

If you are working from Windows, my script to download packages from
the OpenSUSE BuildService might be of help.
It needs python3 and 7zip installed in the PATH.
With a simple ./ --deps gtk2 you download all the
required DLLs for a Gtk+ 2 application. The versions in OBS stay
pretty current. To download headers and other files needed for
compiling and linking against gtk, use:
./ --deps gtk2-devel


> --
> Best regards,
>  Lothar                          mailto:llothar web de


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