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Hi Lothar,

Note: You may very well want to build the GTK+ stack, with perhaps the
      dependencies, as far as possible with the same version of Visual C++.

In brief the things in the Project files go on like the following [refer to
build\win32\$(VS_VERSION)\README.txt in GLib 2.28.x for more details]*.
I am currently working on an article in live.gnome.org on explaining how to
build the GTK+ with Visual C++ in detail, and hopefully I could have it 
ready in the next few weeks-will let you know about this.

-Unpack the latest GTK+ stack source files in a folder, say c:\gtk_build,
 including GLib-2.28.x, Pango-1.28.x, ATK-1.32.0, GDK-Pixbuf-2.22.1 and

-Unpack the built dependencies, with latest stable versions as far as
 possible unless otherwise noted (zlib, libpng-1.4.x, freetype,
 fontconfig, cairo, expat, gettext-runtime; libtiff, IJG libjpeg,
 libjasper if not using GDI+ for GDK-Pixbuf, and optionally PCRE)
 in c:\gtk_build\$(VS_VERSION)\$(PlatformType)* as follows.

 The *.lib files in c:\gtk_build\$(VS_VERSION)\$(PlatformType)\lib
 The *.dll files in c:\gtk_build\$(VS_VERSION)\$(PlatformType)\bin
 The *.h files in c:\gtk_build\$(VS_VERSION)\$(PlatformType)\include

 You might want to grab the prebuilt windows binaries for gettext-runtime,
 freetype, expat and fontconfig from ftp.gnome.org and unpack these archives
 accordingly.  The other packages have built-in support for compiling on
 MSVC, BTW.  Let me know if you need help building Cairo on Visual C++-
 Cairo needs to be built after GLib, and note that Pango requires Cairo,
 if you are planning to use GTK+-3.x as you probably have mentioned.

-Build GLib, it will build out of the box for Visual C++ 2008-use the
 configs without _ExtPCRE unless you are willing to build the PCRE (8.12+)
 DLL using the Visual C++ version you are using.  Visual C++ 2010 support
 should be in the next stable GLib 2.28.x-let me know if you need help for
 that in a hurry.  The headers, DLLs, EXEs, LIBs will be copied to the 
 right places when the build completes.

-Build Pango, ATK-1.x and GDK-Pixbuf--let me know if you need further
 instructions about them, as the latest stable versions do not contain
 Visual C++ Project files in them yet (they are already upstream, so
 their unstable, and then eventually stable, releases will contain them).

-Finally, build GTK+-2.24.x (and perhaps 3.x-2.24.x and 3.x can be
 co-existing).  Let me know if you are using Visual C++ 2010 and need help.

*VS_VERSION is either vs9 for Visual C++ 2008 or vs10 for Visual C++ 2010
 PlatformType is either Win32 or x64

Side note, I am also one who is keen to build the GTK+ stack using Visual
Studio, and this has been made possible through countless efforts by many,
especially tml and Hans Breuer.  So I am the one who now attempts to keep
the Visual C++ project files up-to-date in the GTK+ stack.

Sorry for the longish post, but hope this helps.

God Bless,
Fan, Chun-wei

> There seems to be so much not to work. Can you provide a
> combination
> of the required source files in one bundle. And defining a
> toplevel
> directory structure (like TCL/TK did it 15 years ago) and
> using this
> in the makefiles would be good. So a single environment
> variable would
> be everything to get a compiled system. Well, i know i'm
> dreaming but
> maybe some day ....

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