Re: Gettext question for GTK+ Guru

I am developing GPL project with several executable targets (in Anjuta
terminology) each with own gettext localization.  And I have several
variants how to do this. But - what is the most elegant and beautiful
way to do this in my case?  I ask because each target have own .mo files
with {lang}/{target-name}.mo name after building, but when project is
common for all targets and names of .mo files must me different.  It is
my first gettext application.  Now I have po directory in the project
root and several more po directories in {target-name} directories.

I guess the best way would be generating only one internationalization file to avoid duplication of translations.
If you want to generate the most compact .mo file, you can add files to conditionally, depending on which executables the user has chosen to build when ./configure was executed.

For example, the user ran ./configure --disable-foo --enable-bar
So you could AC_SUBST(MY_FILES), where MY_FILES would contain the files from "bar" executable but not "foo"s. Than, in you only put @MY_FILES

That's my guess, I'm definitely not an Autotools/i18n expert ;-)
I would also like to hear others advice, since I'm just learning this too.

Ian L. Rodrigues.

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