Gettext question for GTK+ Guru


I am developing GPL project with several executable targets (in Anjuta
terminology) each with own gettext localization.  And I have several
variants how to do this. But - what is the most elegant and beautiful
way to do this in my case?  I ask because each target have own .mo files
with {lang}/{target-name}.mo name after building, but when project is
common for all targets and names of .mo files must me different.  It is
my first gettext application.  Now I have po directory in the project
root and several more po directories in {target-name} directories.

I look to other project sources - there have different projects for any
executables and only one .po file for each.  For example, Evolution have,, and so on.  But my project in not so big and
I want to have several .po files it in one project.

What is the most elegant and beautiful way to do this?

Best Regards, Yan Zlobin
E-mail: yan_zlobin agniyoga ru
Jabber: yan_zlobin agniyoga ru

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