Tools to monitor a remote Gtk app?

I have a remote user (the company CEO, so no pressure or anything...) who is
having trouble with a small PyGTK app I wrote recently.  He says from
time-to-time all the SpinButtons in the app reset to default values.  I am
trapping every signal I can think of and logging all activity in the user
interface.  I see nothing in my log files which would explain what he's

I can't think of how to debug this without being able to watch his screen or
at least this app on his screen.  I don't want to wait until the next time
he visits the home office (about once a quarter).  Is there some sort of
x-tee or gtk-tee program which takes a second DISPLAY as an argument which
would allow the app to display on both his screen and mine (I could monitor
but wouldn't be able to manipulate the user interface)?  Maybe I'm just
thinking about this problem the wrong way.  I'm open any suggestions about
how to tackle this problem.


Skip Montanaro - skip pobox com -

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