Re: Two toplevels in a glade file causes spurious warnings

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 10:42 AM, Tadej Borovšak <tadeboro gmail com> wrote:
> Hello.
>> I call it like this:
>>        self.xml.connect_signals({
>>            "on_add_clicked"        : self.on_add_clicked,
>>            "on_remove_clicked"     : self.on_remove_clicked,
>>            "on_up_clicked"         : self.on_up_clicked,
>>            "on_down_clicked"       : self.on_down_clicked,
>>            "on_setup_clicked"      : self.on_setup_clicked,
>>            "on_clear_clicked"      : self.on_clear_clicked,
>>            "on_save_clicked"       : self.on_save_clicked,
>>            "on_open_clicked"       : self.on_open_clicked,
>>            "on_edit_clicked"       : self.on_edit_clicked,
>>            "on_book_ok_clicked"    : self.on_book_ok_clicked,
>>            "destroy_passed_object" : self.close,
>>            }
>> Since there is a second top-level in the glade file, I now have to add
>> these dummy entries to the first call:
>>        # Insert dummy handlers for second top level in the glade file
>>            "on_booklist_ok_clicked"    : lambda _:None,
>>            "on_booklist_delete_clicked": lambda _:None,
>>            "on_booklist_cancel_clicked": lambda _:None,
>>            "on_booklist_ok_clicked"    : lambda _:None,
>>            "on_booklist_ok_clicked"    : lambda _:None,
>> Note 1: The dummy handlers get replaced with real handlers when I
>> activate the second toplevel
> So, if I understand you correctly, you build your entire interface at
> one point, then connect signals from first toplevel only and later you
> connect other handlers. If my understanding is correct, I really fail
> to see why would one want to do this. Create your interface, connect
> all signals and you're done. If you need to do things in chunks, you
> can create parts of your GUI separately (using
> gtk_builder_add_objects_from_file()), in which case your separate
> signal connection will not be problematic, since only relevant part of
> GUI is built and represented by GtkBuilder instance.

No, I don't build the entire interface at one point.  In the first
section, I build an interface that uses the first toplevel.  Later, I
may (or may not) build an interface that uses the second top level.

Unfortunately, I cannot use the gtk_builder_add_objects_from_file()
method since I need to be compatible with version 2.12.  IIRC that
method was added later on.

Note that I am converting this work from a libglade interface to a
gtk.builder interface.  libglade seems to handle the
multiple-top-levels-in-one-glade-file thing a little easier, though
that could just be my lack of understanding,

> Tadej
> --
> Tadej Borovšak
> tadeboro gmail com
> tadej borovsak gmail com

Gerald Britton

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