Re: Two toplevels in a glade file causes spurious warnings


> I call it like this:
>        self.xml.connect_signals({
>            "on_add_clicked"        : self.on_add_clicked,
>            "on_remove_clicked"     : self.on_remove_clicked,
>            "on_up_clicked"         : self.on_up_clicked,
>            "on_down_clicked"       : self.on_down_clicked,
>            "on_setup_clicked"      : self.on_setup_clicked,
>            "on_clear_clicked"      : self.on_clear_clicked,
>            "on_save_clicked"       : self.on_save_clicked,
>            "on_open_clicked"       : self.on_open_clicked,
>            "on_edit_clicked"       : self.on_edit_clicked,
>            "on_book_ok_clicked"    : self.on_book_ok_clicked,
>            "destroy_passed_object" : self.close,
>            }
> Since there is a second top-level in the glade file, I now have to add
> these dummy entries to the first call:
>        # Insert dummy handlers for second top level in the glade file
>            "on_booklist_ok_clicked"    : lambda _:None,
>            "on_booklist_delete_clicked": lambda _:None,
>            "on_booklist_cancel_clicked": lambda _:None,
>            "on_booklist_ok_clicked"    : lambda _:None,
>            "on_booklist_ok_clicked"    : lambda _:None,
> Note 1: The dummy handlers get replaced with real handlers when I
> activate the second toplevel

So, if I understand you correctly, you build your entire interface at
one point, then connect signals from first toplevel only and later you
connect other handlers. If my understanding is correct, I really fail
to see why would one want to do this. Create your interface, connect
all signals and you're done. If you need to do things in chunks, you
can create parts of your GUI separately (using
gtk_builder_add_objects_from_file()), in which case your separate
signal connection will not be problematic, since only relevant part of
GUI is built and represented by GtkBuilder instance.


Tadej Borovšak
tadeboro gmail com
tadej borovsak gmail com

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