Re: Two toplevels in a glade file causes spurious warnings

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 10:11 AM, Tadej Borovšak <tadeboro gmail com> wrote:
> hi.
> 2010/2/15 Gerald Britton <gerald britton gmail com>:
>> In gtk 2.18.3-1ubuntu2.2, I have a problem using gtk.builder on glade
>> files with multiple top levels.  What happens is, when I call
>> connect_signals on the first top-level, I get warnings that the signal
>> handlers from the subsequent toplevels are "missing."   Actually they
>> are not missing, they just aren't used by the current top level.
> gtk_builder_connect_signals() will try to connect all signals on your
> built UI that you marked as "connectable". You cannot instruct it to
> only connect signals from one toplevel window. How are you calling
> gtk_builder_connect_signals() that makes you think it will only
> connect signals from one toplevel?

I call it like this:

            "on_add_clicked"        : self.on_add_clicked,
            "on_remove_clicked"     : self.on_remove_clicked,
            "on_up_clicked"         : self.on_up_clicked,
            "on_down_clicked"       : self.on_down_clicked,
            "on_setup_clicked"      : self.on_setup_clicked,
            "on_clear_clicked"      : self.on_clear_clicked,
            "on_save_clicked"       : self.on_save_clicked,
            "on_open_clicked"       : self.on_open_clicked,
            "on_edit_clicked"       : self.on_edit_clicked,
            "on_book_ok_clicked"    : self.on_book_ok_clicked,
            "destroy_passed_object" : self.close,

Since there is a second top-level in the glade file, I now have to add
these dummy entries to the first call:

        # Insert dummy handlers for second top level in the glade file
            "on_booklist_ok_clicked"    : lambda _:None,
            "on_booklist_delete_clicked": lambda _:None,
            "on_booklist_cancel_clicked": lambda _:None,
            "on_booklist_ok_clicked"    : lambda _:None,
            "on_booklist_ok_clicked"    : lambda _:None,

Note 1: The dummy handlers get replaced with real handlers when I
activate the second toplevel

Note 2: This seems to have started when I converted old glade files to
use builder.

> Tadej
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> Tadej Borovšak
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Gerald Britton

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