Re: Nesting gtk_main ?

On 1 February 2010 14:46, Martin Vejnár <avakar ratatanek cz> wrote:
> I've already solved the problem by putting the windows into separate window
> groups. I didn't see any calls to window group API, so I assume your code
> works differently?

Window groups were added to GTK some time after I wrote my base
classes. Though I'm not sure they are really equivalent. Ah well!

> Yes, it's rather sad that you have to use continuations. In Windows, you run
> each "window stack" in its own thread, which allows you to simply call the
> equivalent of gtk_dialog_run() and everything works.
> But you can't run gtk_main() in multiple threads, can you?

No, not portably. It'll work on Linux, if you're very careful, but
won't work on Windows, ironically.

I like having a single GUI thread and just using threads for longer
tasks. The Windows model seems to introduce a lot of unnecessary

Though of course I just posted a mind-boggling continuations-in-C
implementation as an alternative, heh.


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