[ANNOUNCE:] gtksheet 0.2.0 and python-gtksheet 0.2.0

Hi all,

gtksheet is a fork from the GtkSheet widget available in the gtk+extra library (http://gtkextra.sourceforge.net). GtkSheet is a spreadsheet-like matrix widget for GTK applications, that can be used to easily implement spreadsheet-like interfaces.

python-gtksheet are the python bindings for the gtksheet library. They are based on the python-gtkextra bindings available at http://python-gtkextra.sourceforge.net/, but they are much improved and extended. See the test files in the examples/ directory to check the capabilities of these bindings (and the benefits from having properties in GtkSheet).
Moreover python-gtksheet includes complete doumentation of the API included in the tarball.

gtksheet 0.2.0 and python-gtksheet 0.2.0 can be downloaded from:
gtksheet: http://cloud.github.com/downloads/vhernandez/gtksheet/gtksheet-0.2.0.tar.gz
pygtksheet: http://cloud.github.com/downloads/vhernandez/pygtksheet/python-gtksheet-0.2.0.tar.gz

For more information on gtksheet visit:

For more information on python-gtksheet visit:

The main changes in these releases are:

***** gtksheet changes *****

gtksheet 0.2.0
* Copied gtksheet tutorial from gtkextra-3 cvs
* Generate API docs with gtk-doc
* Several documentation fixes
* Fix generation of marshalers and builtintypes
* gtksheet test demonstrate copy to clipboard
* Several small fixes

gtksheet 0.1.0
* Fork of GtkSheet widget in gtkextra   
* Fixed double free (apply patch from Debian gtkextra2 package)
* Fixed memory leak in gtk_sheet_range_set_font
* Allocate colors in gtk_sheet_range_set_foreground,
      gtk_sheet_range_set_background, gtk_sheet_set_grid,
* Add properties:
    autoresize, autoscroll, clip_text, grid_visible, justify_entry, locked,
    state, columns_resizable, column_titles_visible, rows_resizable,
    row_titles_visible, title, active_cell, selected_range, n_rows,
    n_columns, selection_mode.
* Add child-properties:
    floating, attached-to-cell, x, y, column, row properties, x-padding,
    y-padding, x-options, y-options
* Fix anonymous enums for GtkSheetBorderFlags and
* New gtypes for GtkSheetCellBorder and GtkSheetCellAttr structures
* Clean deprecated glib/gtk+ function calls
* Refactored the gtksheet test, fixing a segfault

***** pygtksheet changes: *****

pygtksheet 0.2 (June, 25th 2009)
* Included complete API documentation (build it with ./configure --enable-docs)
* Update wrappers for ItemEntry.set_text, Sheet.range_clear, Sheet.range_delete
  and Sheet.get_visible_range methods
* Add new example showing how to move cell contents around

pygtksheet 0.1 (June, 12th 2009)
* Initial release.



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