Re: Error converting a pipe (Handler) to fd on vs 2003 to use with g_io_channel_win32_new_fd

>>Another solution would be to use the msvcrt.dll runtime even if you
>>use Microsoft's current compiler.

> I don't want to require existing clients to have an additional requirement
> of adding another dll,

You have it backwards here. The msvcrt.dll that MinGW-compiled code
uses, and that it requires trickery to get MSVC-compiled code to use,
is part of the Windows OS and always present. It's msvcr71.dll,
msvcr80.dll, or msvcr90.dll that need to be shipped together with
applications that use them.

> Which API or Windows events  you're referring to?

CreateEvent() returns a HANDLE that can be waited for. So put it in a
GPollFD and have GLib watch that.


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