Re: Error converting a pipe (Handler) to fd on vs 2003 to use with g_io_channel_win32_new_fd

Thanks a lot. Most of those errors are cut -and-paste typos, as I was trying
to show the minimum code possible.

>A solution would  be to compile your code with mingw instead.
>Another solution would be to use the msvcrt.dll runtime even if you
>use Microsoft's current compiler. This requires some trickery, see for
.> (I have not tried that myself, but others have. I don't know how
>well it works with MSVS2008.)

I don't want to require existing clients to have an additional requirement
of adding another dll, in addition to my binary, but i will investigate that
solution for a personal curiosity. 

>Much simpler to use some other GLib API for this. Or Windows events,
>if you want Windows-specific code.

Which API or Windows events  you're referring to?  I would like to use  Glib
API and write a windows specific code/events for that.

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