Re: csv (comma separated value) file

Joshua Lock wrote:
GSF (GNOME Structured File Library)[1], which Gnumeric uses, does CSV:
Since I am interested in parsing csv data, I got interested in this
thread.  I am not motivated enough to develop a library for a simple
project so the two suggestions (gsf and gda) from this thread interest
me more.

I looked at these two links and got the impression that this could
generate a csv output but I didn't see anything obvious about reading
csv data.  Is that the case or am I missing something.

At first look, gda seems like it would be the most useful for csv
in and out.  Is that a correct conclusion?   I am going to try to learn
gda but so far I don't find any simple but complete examples that might
help me learn to use gda.  Does anyone have a simple but complete example
showing how to read a csv file?

Damon Register

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