customize notebook in gtk

HI All

I am doing a GUI where I am try to show like the following

In a screen of left side I need 3 buttons. And when I clicked the buttons it will show a pop up menu like it show in notebook if the tabs are appear in left side instead of the conventional top position. I try with the notebook widget keeping the tabs in left side .But the problem is
1.  It show by default one page but I need initially it show only tabs without showing pages and on clicked on a tab it will show the page .
2.  And another problem is It use labels I need button in place of labels.
3. By default first tab is selected but I need all are not selected initially and on clicking it is should selected and it show the co responding page .

I thing I am able to get my point in front of you all. If any one have any suggestion  then please let me know. I need to do it very urgently so please respond immediately.

Thanks in advance.


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