Missing blank lines in a GtkLabel with GtkScrolledWindow


I've just noticed a problem having recently upgraded to GTK 2.14, and
problem this was not there before. I implement a scrolled text window using
gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport(), passing it a GtkLabel as the widget
to display with scrollbars. The text to be displayed is added to the label,
along with Pango attributes for it.

The problem is that blank lines in the text are now being lost and not
displayed, so it now displays the text all squeezed up together. New line
characters on the end of a line of text work fine, but a line that contains
just the newline character does not.

I have an old version of my app that was built with GTK+ 2.12.3 GLib 2.14.4
and Pango 1.18.3 and it does not show the problem. However if I run that
same app in a system with the latest GTK installed, (GTK+ 2.14.4, GLib
2.18.2 and Pango 1.22.0) it does.

Any ideas what may have changed between GTK 2.12.3 and GTK 2.14.4 to cause
this? This is running in Vista-64.


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