RE: Missing blank lines in a GtkLabel

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> From: Ian Puleston
> Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2008 2:18 PM
> Hi,
> I implement a scrolled text window using
> gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport(), passing it a GtkLabel as the
> widget to display with scrollbars.
> The problem is that blank lines in the text are now being lost and not
> displayed, so it now displays the text all squeezed up together. 

After some trial and error, it turns out this problem is down to Pango
1.22.0. I installed 1.20.5 into my Windows GTK directory with GTK 2.14.4 and
GLib 2.18.2 and the problem went away.

And having put together a simple test program to demo this for a bug report,
it turns out that it happens with any GtkLabel that has a Pango attributes
list with an attribute to set the font family (using pango_attr_family_new).
The label does not need to be in a scrolled window (that turned out to be a
red herring).

I finally managed to get latest gtk/glib/pango libraries, including Pango
1.22.0, installed in Linux (thanks for the help on that) and the problem
does not show up there, so it is Windows-specific.

Note that the Linux download page at links to Pango 1.20.5 where
the Windows download page at links to Pango 1.22.0 - is that deliberate?


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