How to install GTK in linux


What am I doing wrong here? I'm trying to install the latest GTK/GLIB on a
Linux Fedora 9 system that currently has GTK 2.12 and GLIB 2.16, which are
the versions yum installs.

I downloaded the gtk 2.14 and glib 2.18 .tar.gz packages, unpacked them and
ran configure, make and make install. But they install into /usr/local/lib
and so the app still picks up the older versions from /usr/lib. I tried
"make install prefix=/usr" but that failed with an error.

I can hack the app's makefile to add a "-I/usr/local/include/..." and that
works to include the newer gtk/glib headers, but "-L/usr/local/lib/..." does
not get it to pick up the correct libraries.

One thing I noticed is that this is a 64-bit system and the GTK/GLIB
libraries are located under /usr/lib64, but the above make installed
libraries into /usr/local/lib, not lib64. Is that correct?


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