Re: Setting up GTK+ on Windows using Mingw

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
Please note than Damon's instructions, while very detailled, were
specifically oriented towards Glade and gtkmm -using software
developers, as far as I could see. That is one problem with this: When
one person talks about "GTK" they actually mean using GTK from C++
using the gtkmm binding, while another person in "GTK" might include
Glade, and a third again needs neither C++ or Glade stuff, but just
the plain C APIs.
While it is quite possible I didn't use all the right terminology or
that I covered subjects which might belong in one of the other lists,
there is one thing of which I am certain.  When I started out, I wanted
to try them all, from plain C with no glade to Glade with C++ and in
between.  What I hoped to accomplish with my instructions was to help
others like me to get a working environment from which one could do
any (or most) of the methods and perhaps even decide on the method with
which he or she is most comfortable.

I started with a simple plain GTK C program without Glade.  I tried
Glade 2 with C code generation.  I tried a simple GTK C++ program
without Glade and finally I tried Glade3 with libglademm.  All of that
happened over a 9 year priod.  In 1999 I got a GTK book at started
trying to learn a little programming with plain C and GTK.  It got
a bit discouraging and I didn't get that far.  I tried every few years
since then and got a little farther but not until now have I reached
the point where I think I could actually produce something useful with
what I have learned.

So, is it really so bad to come up with some instructions that go beyond
this list and might even help someone in more than one list?

Damon Register

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