Re: How to not use the "Space bar" as default key ?

> I don't know the specific answer to that question, but unless you are
> dealing with a very special case, I suggest that you not make the
> spacebar behave like you suggest as it runs counter to ever other GTK
> app (and most GUI apps) on the entire desktop.  Quirky GUIs are always
> annoying.  In most cases where a quirk like this is thought to be
> needed, there's almost always a way to redesign the GUI to avoid the
> need for this.  What kind of UI are you implementing here?
I am develloping myrtille (, a tool for
stopmotion who takes video snapshot from DV cam or Web cam. The goal is
to help on realisation on image per image animations

>   What exactly
> will this spacebar keypress do?
I have on the application the video return of the CAM. I have a button
"capture" to take a snapshot ( image) of the
video. So in my mind the "button capture" could be also linked to the
"spacebar", buy it seems not a great idea at all ;-) . The usage could
be a simple way to take photos, especially for young kids. Perhaps with
playing with button focus I can have this feature implemented with
spacebar ? or I change completely the key ( 'c' key for example ? )

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