Re: How to not use the "Space bar" as default key ?

nico wrote:
> I have on the application the video return of the CAM. I have a button
> "capture" to take a snapshot ( image) of the
> video. So in my mind the "button capture" could be also linked to the
> "spacebar", buy it seems not a great idea at all ;-) . The usage could
> be a simple way to take photos, especially for young kids. Perhaps with
> playing with button focus I can have this feature implemented with
> spacebar ? or I change completely the key ( 'c' key for example ? )

What I would do if it was me would be to make the place where the image
is displayed have user input focus, and then capture the spacebar in

Since the spacebar typically activates the currently focused control,
when focus is on the image area itself, spacebar triggering capture is
pretty logical.  You can also have a "capture" button too that users can
click on.  But if the user wants to tab over to the quit button and
press spacebar on it, then it would quit.  Everything as the user expects.

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