Re: cross-compiling linux->win32 with mingw

For posterity I'd like to tie this thread up with some sort of
conclusion. Hopefully someone will find this via Google and be helped
by it.

This file seems to have everything I needed bundled:

Also, I've discovered the specific source of the following error message:

"The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022). Click on
OK to terminate the application."

The problem occurs on Windows XP Home (and probably other versions as
well) whenever one of the shared libraries (DLLs) that your program
depends on does not have its executable permission flag enabled.
Dependency Walker is a great tool, but it was entirely oblivious to
this little fact, as was I (in fact, I was scarcely aware that non-NT
Windows kernels would even respect such a flag.) It's worth noting
that I have encountered a few DLL files from and
that did not have their execution flags set either.

Thanks to everyone that helped (Tor.)


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