Re: Save Dialog

Interesting proposition.  I wonder if this would lead to user confusion.
Except for the crumb bar, there is little indication that the create
folder operation was successful if a user is automatically moved to the
new folder.  My grandmother would likely end up creating dozens of
nested folders without realizing it.  Another thing is that given the
way GTK's save dialog box currently implements the "new folder"
mechanism, the folder goes into the file list immediately but sticks it
in edit mode so the user can give it a name.  This behavior is not
possible if the save dialog box works as you suggest.

Just some observations.


Actually it could go into the new folder when you hit enter after you rename the folder. I am not saying that it is a good  idea but maybe a power user short cut of hitting ctrl-enter or shift enter when you give the folder a name might be an idea.
That would reduce the chance of people making too many nested folders by mistake.

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