Re: How can i write multiple windows(MDI)

On Thu, 05 Jul 2007 09:30:12 -0600
Michael L Torrie <torriem chem byu edu> wrote:

> > For some examples of the sort of product I'm thinking of, look at "ATI
> > Vision" from Accurate Technologies, or "INCA" from ETAS, or "LabView"
> > from National Instruments (though the last is less obvious).
> > 
> I maintain they could have done the interface without MDI child windows,
> perhaps using a tabbed document area, and we'd all be so much better
> off.
And I maintain, having used an equivalent tool that took that approach,
that their user-base would scream bloody blue murder if they ever did.
We would NOT be better off.

I'm not saying that MDI is the best for all situations. I'm not even
saying it's good for Visual Studio (though in many ways I do find it
better than tabs even there). What I am saying is that there ARE cases
where something very like MDI is the best solution, and the dogmatic
"MDI is EVIL" line taken by some people here is less than helpful.

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