Re: How can i write multiple windows(MDI)

Hi Emmanuele,

On Tue, 03 Jul 2007 10:24:00 +0100 you wrote:
> >  is 
> > exactly what you want... it's just that those cases are not the ones 
> > certain vendors used it for.
> and those cases are? 

Cases where the child windows are not separate documents, but separate parts of a single entity. Yes, you can do something like this with multiple separate top-level windows, but then you have to rely on the window manager to recreate the user's chosen layout, which isn't so certain, and in any case it places the wrong emphasis on the GUI.

For some examples of the sort of product I'm thinking of, look at "ATI Vision" from Accurate Technologies, or "INCA" from ETAS, or "LabView" from National Instruments (though the last is less obvious).

>accusing one of FUD without caring to elaborate why
> is exactly a FUD technique in itself

Which is presumably why it's exactly what you've just done?

Anyway, I'll elaborate.  You posted :

> >MDI is a broken concept that has been abandoned by every relevant
> >platform because it doesn't work.

without any elaboration. This is a vastly sweeping statement that is (a) not true, (b) not justified and (c) not supported by any evidence. That's FUD. Simply pointing that out, however, is not FUD, however much you may wish to accuse me of it.

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