Re: Widget identifcation

On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 06:33:37AM -0700, Petter Jansen wrote:
> Do you know how to make it paint the edges of the grid? It's an all-white
> background surface now, the grid it itself is not visible.

(2.10+ only)

> The last row in my grid is a sum (I emulate a simple spreadsheet). I would
> like that single row to be boldface. However, all rendering seems to be done
> on a per-column basis. Any suggestions?

All rendering is done on a per-cell basis.  So for example
set "weight" property of the cell renderers to bold in the
corresponding cell data funcs when you are rendering cells
from the last row (and to normal otherwise).


Anonyms eat their boogers.

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