Re: stuck while installing GTK+ ,,, need help

On Sat, Oct 14, 2006 at 04:21:26AM -0700, Sergei Steshenko wrote:
> I think you are missing the point of my tool - each library resides in a separate
> directory by default.
> Though you can override this.
> Because of the above you can have more than one version of the same library.

Library compatibility testing is the only and rare case when
one needs to install 30 versions of one library
simultaneously and mix and match.  And to compile
hello-world.c with a precise set of library versions one
still needs to specify all the bloody versions -- somewhere,

So your tool makes it only marginally easier for people
wishing to test Gtk+ proglets with every possible
combination of libraries.  And for the rest who just want
a newer Gtk+ stack?

> And I won't believe that introducing new features does not screw up things, so
> having more than one version of the same library might help to have access to
> both bleeding edge features and enjoy stability.

Believe in what you wish to believe, but the people who ask
here and who get the replies `use my tool' want

1. Newer packages for their system.  If they exist, they
should be tested and not screw up things.  And they often do
exist even if people for some reason start panicking and
compiling from source.  `Use my tool' is completely
inappropriate here.

2. If 1 is impossible (e.g., one is not root), a local
installation of the newer Gtk+ stack. `Use my tool' could be
helpful here *if* it didn't install everything into separate
directories by default as there is no simple way to compile
a random program with something located in 30 separate

Of course, since your tool lacks uninstallation handling
that would make it actually useful with 2 (it's not a real
packaging system), you have no other possibility than to
claim your installation style a great thing everyone wants.
But the poor people are advised to use something that first
*creates* a problem (installation into separate directories)
to solve it.

Where do the ugly long command line you complain about get
from?  From your installation style.  If one doesn't use it,
one needs no ugly long command lines, it's quite simple.



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