Re: stuck while installing GTK+ ,,, need help

Chris Vine writes:
 > I would just do ./configure --prefix=[whatever]; make; make install.

Chris, Sergei does have a point, although he is exaggerating a bit. It
isn't as easy as what you say, one typically has to muck around with
LDFLAGS also, especially if one has alternative versions of
dependencies installed, which often is the case.

No sensible person would of course type long commands like in Sergei's
mail by hand. One would use some degree of home-grown automation. And
sure, Sergei's tools might be then a better alternative than to whip
up something similar oneself. (On the other hand, if one does do it
oneself, at the same time one learns how all this hangs together, and
it isn't any longer just a mysterious black box.) What I didn't like
was Sergei replying to a long message by quoting it in its entirety,
then not answering the actual question, just point to his tools.


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