Re: GTK apps very slow to launch

On Mon, 2006-07-17 at 23:50 -0400, Richard Querin wrote:
> If Gedit is already running then it launches the new tab window almost
> instantly. If I have say, Firefox running already and I launch another
> instance of it, it comes up in under 2 seconds (the original instance
> takes about 12 sec to show up). 

This is expected behavior as trying to launch a new instance of each of
these programs just causes a new window or tab to appear in the existing

> I'm running Ubuntu(6.06) with the gnome desktop. I don't have gtk-demo
> on my system, the closest I came was which I ran. It
> loaded slowly but the apps within it were fast (not sure that means
> much).

Hmm.  well never-mind about comments about libraries not being in
memory.  This is definitely odd behavior.


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