Re: GTK apps very slow to launch

On 7/17/06, Ivan Baldo <ibaldo adinet com uy> wrote:
    Try to do an "strace" or an "ltrace" of the simplest GTK program you
can find and see where it is spending its time.
    With that information maybe you can fix the problem yourself or get
more specific help about things to try.
    Good luck!!!

I ran an strace at the point when things were running quickly and I've now run one now that it's slow. I compared the two the best that I could (it's a huge file) and didn't find a huge difference except for the fact that it's loading some wxGtk related libs in the newer one (since I've installed python-wgtk2.6 since doing the fresh install). I tried uninstalling the wx-related stuff but still no change.

I've since downloaded a few other packages. I'm not 100% sure what's gtk related and what's not. But Audacity is loading in about 3 seconds. Xmms launches in about 2 seconds and the python IDLE editor launches in about 1 second. I'm assuming these are not GTK2 apps. These launch times are about 3 times quicker than when I launch Gedit, GCalctool or the Terminal in Ubuntu.

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