Re: man/info for gtk+

On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 01:13:12AM -0800, Hadron wrote:
> HTML is not accessible in context sensitive nature from editors such as
> emacs. I find it hard to believe that a Linux toolkit does not have man or
> info pages. e.g hit hotkey, help api appears in a frame for the call under
> the cursor.

HTML is better suited for this purpose, because it is
possible to refer to fragments, i.e. a precise position in
the document, in HTML.  In fact, HTML has links at all, in
man pages links are just a hack implemented by some viewers.

And indeed HTML does not prevent what you describe.  I hit
a hotkey and get the documentation of the symbol under
cursor.  In vim.

Emacs has w3 and w3m, so the only problem is to scan the
index file and find the symbol.  I don't use emacs, but
I suppose someone has already written this for emacs too and
it no one has yet, it should not be that hard.



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