Re: GLists & Sorting

On Sun, Dec 17, 2006 at 03:10:23PM -0800, Hadron wrote:
> Where I had my problem was where I did not reassign the output of the call
> to g_list_sort to "filesystems". What is the thinking behind this in the
> API? If I had a pointer to a List "object" then it should be just that - not
> a pointer to a sub element.

Quite the contrary, there is no List object, only pointers
to elements, so you never have a pointer to a List object.

By convention, many functions get and return the pointer to
the head, but other algorithms don't care where the list has
the head -- or whether it has any at all, you can make
a cyclic list of GList items, no problem (of course, you
must not use a GLib function that assumes a non-cyclic list).



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