Re: man/info for gtk+

HTML is not accessible in context sensitive nature from editors such as
emacs. I find it hard to believe that a Linux toolkit does not have man or
info pages. e.g hit hotkey, help api appears in a frame for the call under
the cursor.

But thanks for the info anyway.

Dont get me wrong, devhelp is ok but man/info would be nice for the stalwart
emacs as well as being more concistent with other Linux development

Mariano Suárez-Alvarez-2 wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-12-15 at 06:37 -0800, Hadron wrote:
>> Using emacs as my main linux IDE (its reliable!), I am unable to locate
>> man
>> pages or info pages for gtk+ on my system. Can someone please help? What
>> are
>> you using? if there are no such things (which I find hard to believe) how
>> would I petition for them to be added to the toolkit distribution? I
>> really
>> like to access context help in my editor - not have to mess about with an
>> external browser to see the API prototypes and function documentation.
> GTK+ installs (or, probably, the -devel package for it in your distro)
> HTML documentation which is very easily accesible using the devhelp
> program.
> HTH,
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> Mariano Suárez-Alvarez
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