Re: MDI (not winMDI) frameworks ... again

Brion Vibber wrote:

Tim wrote:

In the meantime, developers are left hanging with putting out apps that have just way too many windows. I've used Gimp on my OSX box and it totally sucks having to first clicking the window to get focus before being able to click the item. If the app ran on a MDI framework, this would not be necessary.

Incidentally, you can make Apple's quartzwm behave in a more sensible manner. At a terminal:

  defaults write wm_click_through -bool true

Cool! I saw that Code Tek had a hack for this but having a lower level hack is for sure the way to go.

Regarding MDI, I still see many apps that are being developed that don't have MDI support and they really need it. A good example is BBEdit on Mac. I don't use this app because it's just too hard to manage the multiple sources I have open at one time to do my coding. Thankfully X-Code now supports languages that I hack in like JavaScript.

Hopefully we can see such MDI frameworks coming to the GTK core level or even on OSX some day.

Thanks for the info.


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