Re: What's the "Hangul shaper"? Sounds like a power tool...

    Havoc> There are about 300 glib/pango/gtk bugs in bugzilla, so you need
    Havoc> to work on your search technique. ;-)

    Havoc> Anyway, this bug isn't in there.


Thanks for the description of the problem.  I'll take a look at the code.
My eyes will probably glaze over, but one never knows...

As for searching bugzilla, I think I'm getting the hang of it.  Seems a bit
complex for average use.  Perhaps the main query page should eliminate
everything but the Product selector and the Description text field and
default everything else.  The current query page could then be used as an
"advanced search" page.  Asking the user to potentially consider 29 choices
seems a bit extreme for everyday use.  I will be happy to whip up an
alternate bit of HTML if anyone would be interested in putting it in place.
Who are the right people to bug?


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