What's the "Hangul shaper"? Sounds like a power tool...

I have a small PyGtk2 class that displays an Entry widget and a Button.  If
the user pushes the button, a window pops up containing a TextView widget
and ok and cancel buttons.  If I edit the text in the TextView widget so
that it contains a carriage return (well, the TextBuffer object is broken
IMHO and always contains at least a carriage return) and click the ok
button, I see

    ** WARNING **: Character not handled by Hangul shaper: 0x0410d

displayed many, many times as the TextBuffer's contents are stuffed back
into the Entry widget.  This is apparently because something in Pango can't
handle the RETURNs in the text.  Is there something I can do about this?  Is
it a bug in my code?  Pango?  Gtk?  PyGtk?  Attached is an example.  If you
run it as

    python editor_entry.py

you should be able to reproduce the problem.


Skip Montanaro (skip pobox com)

Attachment: editor_entry.py
Description: Binary data

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