Re: Pushing text onto the selection buffer (off topic)

>Matthew> Cutting and pasting was always a thorn in my side until I started
>    Matthew> using klipper.  It's a KDE app but it runs fine under E+Gnome.
>    Matthew> It's a clipboard history that's invoked by Alt+v.  A list of the
>    Matthew> last 10 items copied to the clipboard pops up, and you can select
>    Matthew> which is pasted.  Excellent tool.
>Do you happen to know if this is more modern version of the venerable "xcb"
>program which does something similar?  Where can klipper be found?

I do not know what, if anything, klipper is based on.  

It is part of the KDE distribution and therefore cannot be downloaded
seperately.  I have the kde and qt core installed as well as the utilities
(home of klipper), and it works here.  I can make a binary available if you


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