Re: [gtk-list] Re: again with GTK static linking

> Brian Stempel wrote:

> > Owen Taylor wrote:

> > > Rostedt, Steven" <> writes:
> > > Second Note:
> > >   Has anyone ever gotten GTK compiled on AIX 4.1 ?
> >
> > Well, somebody posted a report of successful compilation on
> > 4.3, at, though note
> > that the configure flags for glib there are bogus - they
> > are either not necessary or harmful and a straight 'configure'
> > should work as well.
> >
> >  (except maybe for the --disable-shared flag .. though he doesn't
> >   mention using --disable-shared for GTK+, so I think that
> >   might be bogus as well.)
> Using AIX 4.3.1, I had no problems once I used --disable-shared.
> Admittedly, having only static libraries affects some more than
> others, but I've been doing this for awhile, and that is as close to
> the original ./configure with no args as I can get (and that is
> usually a good thing). Use --disable-shared for both glib & gdk/gtk.
> As Owen says, the other flags are not necessary and may/may not
> cause problems.

As an addendum to this, if you're using gcc on AIX, it wouldn't
be a bad idea to use -mminimal-toc as a compiler flag to reduce
the size of the table of contents in the libraries, because it's fairly
easy to get a TOC overflow at the link stage in a medium sized
application otherwise.


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