Re: [gtk-list] Re: Optimum way to set the width of a clist

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999 wrote:
> BTW, are these questions that I'm presenting FAQs? I keep 
> complaining in my mind about the lack of good reference 
> documentation. I know that you have written a wonderful book 
> (which I'm still getting familiar with, but I don't use GNOME), and I 
> know that the RDP has come up with something, but the most 
> important widgets (GtkWidget, GtkCList, GtkWindow, etc.) aren't 
> documented at all in the RDP.

RDP is moving forward, and at least one publisher has considered
paying someone to finish it and publishing it, I don't know if that 
went anywhere.

My book documents GtkWidget/GtkWindow fairly well I think,
GtkCList is woefully undocumented, probably because the API is huge and
everyone is hoping that we will get a new tree widget since the CList has
lots of limitations. This is a poor excuse I know, since we are all stuck
using the clist for now.

Fortunately most of the functions in the clist header are pretty


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