Re: [gtk-list] Solaris Help

> I am looking for any helpful information about installing gtk on Solaris
> (2.7).  Yesterday I downloaded gtk+1.1.13, and compiled it.  I received a
> *TON* of warning messages mostly to the effect of mis-referenced pointers,

Are you using gcc to compile it, or Sun's compiler (SPROcc)?

I've never compiled GTK+ with the Sun compiler, just with gcc (under
Solaris 2.6). Works fine.

One thing I have had to do, though, when compiling GTK-related software
is move one of gcc's header files aside, so the compiler picks up the
version in /usr/include/sys - that's types.h, which is in

The gcc one doesn't contain any pthread definitions, which can cause
errors when compiling software that uses threads (naturally).

> etc.  However, gtk did build, and  I installed it.  Next, I compiled
> gbuffy which yielded no errors, but it seg faults and dumps core whenever 
> I try to run it. I think that the problem is with my installation of gtk.

Under Solaris, you're best to configure GTK with the --enable-xim=no option.
I (and a few other Solaris users) have exactly this problem. There's some
sort of mismatch (haven't tracked it down yet) between the Solaris
implementation of XIM and the XFree86 implementation under which most of
GTK (all of GTK? :-) is done (Solaris' XIM is older, I think).

The behaviour I see, when GTK is compiled with XIM included, is an immediate
SIGSEGV when an application is started (doesn't even attempt to show the
application's main window).

> If someone can give a pointer to Solaris pkgs of gtk, that would be great.
> Otherwise, I'd like to know if anyone has successfully compiled/installed
> gtk for Solaris, and if so, what requirements there where. Thanks in
> advance.

There are some Solaris package streams on Sunsite
(e.g. \
gtk+-1.0.4-sol26-sparc-local.gz, or .../intel/7/gtk+-1.0.6-sol7-intel-local.gz)

I can't see anything later than 1.0.4 for sparc (or any GTK PKGs for Solaris 7
sparc for that matter), but that's just one site. I can't see any GTK 1.1.*
PKGs at all.

Try some other sites - these packages are mirrored from


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