Re: [gtk-list] Solaris Help

Eric Luhrs wrote:
> I am looking for any helpful information about installing gtk on Solaris
> (2.7).  Yesterday I downloaded gtk+1.1.13, and compiled it.  I received a
> *TON* of warning messages mostly to the effect of mis-referenced pointers,
> etc.  However, gtk did build, and  I installed it.  Next, I compiled
> gbuffy which yielded no errors, but it seg faults and dumps core whenever 
> I try to run it. I think that the problem is with my installation of gtk.
> If someone can give a pointer to Solaris pkgs of gtk, that would be great.
> Otherwise, I'd like to know if anyone has successfully compiled/installed
> gtk for Solaris, and if so, what requirements there where. Thanks in
> advance.

Are you sure you want gtk 1.1.13? Gtk 1.0.6 installs out of the box.
The last development gtk version I installed was 1.1.11 and, as far as I
remember, there was only one (easily correctable) error and (ignorable)
ton of warnings. I think one wersion of gbuffy had problems on Solaris,
since it was non-POSIX comliant in a way it made it impossible to
compile on Solaris. However, I suppose it's corrected by now.

I have gtk 1.0.6 binary package, if you want that, but it's packed into
Debian package, so you'll have to install Debian packaging system as well.
And it's compiled with -native cc flag on E3000, which means it wont work
on non UltraSPARC systems.

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