Re: [gtk-list] Re: glibc based GTK apps changing languages on the fly

> Ian McKellar  wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 18, 1999 at 01:56:26PM -0500, Tarek Chammah wrote:
> > Hello,
> >=20
> > Can Gtk/Gnome glibc-based applications change languages (like menus
> > changing from one language to another and so forth) on the fly?
> >=20
> > For example you go the the "Language" menu and change the current
> > language used in the application from English to Spanish or Arabic and the
> > application changes languages on the fly without restarting.
> Wow! That would be so cool!
> There could be a "Language" control-center applet for gnome, where you could
> change the language, and suddenly all your apps would change language... Th=
> at
> would be SO cool... *drool*

Yes, I think that this is the way to go.

In the beginning there where one look and feel for a gui toolkit / window-manager.
We could change the colours by editing some config-files, but we had to restart
our application.
Then we got the opportunity to edit a config-file and restart our window-manager
and wops, the look and feel changed. 
Some Applications listen for changes in resources live and can change color
and such on the fly.
Programs have started to have give us the opportunity to change language, and
we have to restart our program.

But in the long term all preferences should be possible to change on the fly.

If I run GNOME / KDE or what ever, there should be a dialog where I could change
the lock and feel, color-settings and language for my session. And when I press
Apply I would see all the changes take place. 

As a system administrator I hate to say to our users to "log out and in again"
because there is to hard to tell the exactly how much they have to do to have 
the changes take place.

/Mattias Grönlund

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