announce: glademm-0.2.5 available

A new Version of the glade (Gtk GUI builder) to C++ converter is
at .

Version 0.2.5:
- updated glademm user guide
  (thanks to Mario Schubert for the following two bug reports)
- upgraded to libtool 1.2 (staying with 1.0i was never intended!)
- bugfix
- eliminated some warnings
- eliminated libtool strangeness, why the hell does ltconfig create
- synced both cvs repositories the hard way (whyever they got out of
- glade-- tries to determine your gtk and gtkmm version at compile time
- moved compile time configuration of gtkmm version to run time conf.
  (beware, big amount of code reworked)
- glade-- accepts long option names, new options added
  (gtkversion, gtkmmversion)
- all seems to work again, added another complex example, but you need
  gtk--addons to see it work.

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