Difficulty using theme engines


I sent the following text to this list in early November. It came through the
list back to me just fine, but I never saw any answers. Perhaps something went
wrong and nobody else recieved it? Or perhaps nobody has any ideas to help.

At any rate, reading the list daily has proved an educational experience, and I
wish to thank everyone who has posted either answers or questions for giving me
things to think about.

Here is my problem as posted previously:

Okay, I've searched the archiives, read the FAQs, even looked at
some of the sources, and I'm stuck.

I can't get GTK themes to work. Well, more accurately, I can't get the theme
engines to work. Every time I try to load a theme that uses anything but the
default engine, it spews out a bunch of lines like:

Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate loadable module in module_path: "libpixmap.so",

Well, that's easy to explain. There is no such file as libpixmap.so.

There is a libpixmap.a and a libpixmap.la, as well as equivilant files for each
of the engines, under /usr/local/lib/gtk/themes/engines, but no .so files to be

So I went back to the gtk-engines source tree and rebuilt it carefully. Nope,
no .so files are generated or installed at any time.

Many many thanks in advance for any advice!

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